7 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying

Do you ever wish that you were a human lie detector? Have you watched those shows where those people just know when someone else is lying? What exactly are they looking at? Here are a few things you can look for when you want to determine whether or not someone is being truthful. Pathological liars beware! Your secrets are coming out.

1.    Look into their eyes

That old cliché about eyes being the windows to our souls is true. Liars tend to have a hard time making eye contact. That can be a dead giveaway about the validity of their claims. Even if the person is being truthful, you can sometimes determine a person’s mood by the size of their pupils. If you’re in a well-lit room and their pupils seem to change sizes, they could very well be lying.

2.    Length of sentences

If a person is usually chatty, and all of sudden are talking to you in short, cropped sentences, they could be lying. The inverse is also true. If the quiet person is now word vomiting all over you, that’s a good indication of guilt. Head over to http://liedetectortest.com to see more on this topic.

3.    Nervous twitching

If a person’s leg is bouncing or their fingers are tapping, that’s a sign of a liar. Even twitching eyes can become a symptom of untruthfulness. Most people are unable to control these urges when they are uncomfortable about what they are saying or doing.

4.    Stuttering or stammering

Are they tripping up on their words? This could be a possibility that they are nervous about something, especially if that person is normally pretty eloquent. Unfortunately, there are those who were born with a stammer. That doesn’t mean they are an inherent liar. They just have a speech impediment.

5.    Giggling


Nervous laughter is a defense mechanism that most people cannot prevent. Ever heard to laughing to keep from crying? That is the principle here. If someone is proclaiming their innocence, and it’s a lie, something as small as a smile or nervous chortle could indicate they are being less than honest.

6.    Sweaty face

The skin around the lips and forehead will be the first to start to glisten when lies are being told. It’s nearly impossible to keep this from happening. The adrenaline in your body will be forcing sweat glands to secrete. Unless a person is a sophisticated spy, chances are they won’t be able to hide this reaction to lying.

7.    Tone of voice

If the person is speaking too high or too low for their normal tone, they could be lying. This is also true about whether they are speaking too loud or too soft for their normal speech patterns. When a person is lying, they are putting on an act. Since most people aren’t trained actors, they tend to speak in a manner different to that of their everyday use. This is an easy way to tell if someone is not saying true things to you.