Don’t Let Your Gift Card go to Waste

Gift cards are so popular these days. They’re fun to give and to receive, with a plethora of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options from which to choose. Plus, gift cards come in various amounts, from as little as $5 to $5000 and sometimes more.

As much fun as gift cards are, so many times they’re forgotten before the entire balance is used. This is the equivalent of throwing cash in the trash can and no one wants to throw money away. But, sadly, cards are tossed to the side, forgotten, and money is left on the card.

Sometimes it is only a few cents that is left on the card, so it is not a major concern if you forget about the card. Though, even those small amounts add up quickly and any penny-pincher will tell you that you shouldn’t let them go to waste. But, when it is a large amount of money on the card, you are really wasting money and missing out if the money isn’t spent.

You can easily and quickly check your gift card balance to learn how much available cash is on the card. You might be surprised to learn your balance, especially if you find there is more money other than what you expected there to be. You can immediately rush to spend this newly found ‘card cash’.

Don’t want the money that is left on the card? That’s understandable and there are so many reasons why this might be. Perhaps the balance isn’t sufficient enough to make you want to shop at that particular location or you can use it only online and do not want to incur shipping costs. No matter the reason, you still shouldn’t let the balance go to waste.

There are a few different options if you find yourself in this kind of situation. The best option is to sell the card. There’s a ton of gift card buyers out there who will give you a fair amount of money for your card, regardless of the retailer that it is for or the amount that is left on the card. If you want to sell, they want to buy.

gift card balance

You can score cold, hard cash for the gift card and someone else gets the funds at a discounted rate. Everyone wins in this situation and you feel content knowing that you didn’t let perfectly good money go to waste. That would be a travesty for certain! Use the money earned from selling the card any way that you choose. After all, it is your cash and you are in control of where it is spent.

There’s no limit to the number of gift cards that you can sell, should you decide to take this route. You can sell the cards any time of the year, too. So, if you want to know the balance of the gift card that you have, check it out online, and then decide the next steps.  But, whatever you do, do not let the money go to waste.